From the light overhead to the wires running inside your walls, it’s important that your electrical circuits are well laid out and done correctly. If you have a business and you’re adding on to accommodate more workers, there is always the temptation to hire a handyman and get things done cheap. The problem is, working with electricity can be dangerous, and just a small mistake can eventually lead to a fire, maybe years into the future when you plug a new appliance into the wall and discover the wires aren’t up to code.

You Should Always Insist On Licensed Electricians

There is a lot of study that goes into getting the right sized wires connected to the correct fuses in the fuse box. There are certain formulas that dictate how many plugs and how many rooms may be connected to what size fuse. At some point in the future, you may have to plug a machine into the socket in your kitchen and you shouldn’t have to worry about blowing a fuse.

You can rest assured that any elektriker from¬†will be a specialist in their field and highly trained as well. The technicians at Silverback aren’t generalists, they’re specialists.
Whatever need you require they have just the right person for the job in the contracting field.

All Electrical Service Work Will Need To Be Inspected

One of the major problems that hiring just a handyman that isn’t a Silverback elektriker is that when it comes time for your inspection by the safety code enforcement bureau, you can’t point to the license and bonding documents of your contractor and know that everything will be accepted. The code and regulations in commercial construction are there for a reason and that’s the long-term safety of those that will use the building now and in the future.

One of the reasons why electrical codes need to be so strict is that many buildings get bought and repurposed in the future. You’ll never know if the new owner is going to believe that the wiring was done right, then be surprised that the circuits won’t handle the loads that he requires. Tearing out walls to upgrade wiring is more expensive than doing it right the first time.

When having electrical work done it’s important to resist the urge to hire cheap labor and skirt the laws because you never know when it could cause a major fire. There is also the possibility of lawsuits, so if you need the top quality work done, call Silverback elektriker and get excellently trained specialists with all the certifications and licenses required.

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